First And Foremost, Supervisors

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First and foremost, supervisors A. have the ability to teach the job you will be doing. B. advocate to make the team more efficient. C. control the environment. D. counsel students on personal issues


According to the question, First and foremost, supervisors are advocate to make the team more efficient.In addition, a supervisor is someone who is responsible for managing, monitoring, supervising, and regulating the performance of a set of employees’ performance in their given duties.Further ExplanationOne of the major roles of a supervisor is to ensure the efficiency of a team in line with the organizational goals, aims and objectives.Other roles of a supervisor include:Day-to-day mentoring and training of employees: the supervisor can always mentor employees at any period, at his discretion, and also train employees in any ramifications for performance enhancement. The supervisor can as well delegate the mentoring of the employees to a particular Team leader of a particular set of employees.To ensure efficient performance of the employees, the supervisor is charge with resolving issues and managing conflicts among the employees.The supervisor is also responsible for rapid dissemination of information to the employees as at when due, so as to further boost and enhance employees performance in line with the goals, aims and objectives of the organization.The supervisor also set targets and goals for the employees, and ensure they are achievable through creation of a success plan, monitoring the employees, performance appraisals and other notable measures.LEARN MORE:First and foremost, supervisors

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