One Reason That Loss Of Employment Can Be Especially Problematic For Addicts Is:

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One reason that loss of employment can be especially problematic for addicts is: A. Buying alcohol or drugs is expensive B. It represents the only social interaction in their lives C. Their job is usually where they buy alcohol or drugs D. They lose access to vital health insurance


Answer:The correct answer is D. One reason that loss of employment can be especially problematic for addicts is that they lose access to vital health insurance.Explanation:While it is true that people suffering from addictions may need control over their finances in order not to spend their money on drugs, alcohol or gambling (depending on their addiction), it is also true that the main concern of their environment should be their medical coverage, rather than the abrupt cut of their addiction.If an addict loses his job, he automatically loses economic capacity both for consumption and for his basic needs, including medical assistance. But consumption is usually financed by other means, such as loans or even trustworthy by providers, while medical attention goes absolutely to a relegated level by the addict, who only seeks to satisfy his need for consumption.That is why the main risk is the lack of health insurance, both to cover any possible contingency as well as the consequences of its consumption or withdrawal symptoms.

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