What Is The Fallacy Of Inevitability Argument

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What is the fallacy of inevitability argument?


Hello. This question is incomplete. The complete question would be:”What is the fallacy of inevitability argument?All social problems can be prevented and solved.A condition is just the way that it is and there is nothing to be done to solve it.Social problems develop in exactly the same way.Natural causes account for most social problems.”Answer:A condition is just the way that it is and there is nothing to be done to solve it.Explanation:Fallacy of inevitability argument occurs when people argue that a certain situation is inevitable. This situation is the way it is, nothing can change it and we can do nothing but accept the situation because it is inevitable.An example of fallacy of inevitability argument is the phrase “A condition is just the way it is and there is nothing to be done to solve it.”

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