Which Occurred During The Great Depression? Check All That Apply.

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Which occurred during the Great Depression? Check all that apply. increased aggregate demand new forms of money falling wages increasing prices plummeting growth surging unemployment


Answer:The answer is options C,E and F.Explanation:The Great Depression was a monetary droop in North America, Europe, and other industrialized regions of the world that started in 1929 and kept going until around 1939. It was the longest and most extreme dejection at any point experienced by the industrialized Western world.Economic history specialists as a rule trait the beginning of the Great Depression to the sudden annihilating breakdown of U.S. securities exchange costs on October 29, 1929, known as Black Tuesday. In any case, some debate this end and see the stock accident as an indication, as opposed to a reason, of the Great Depression.Nine thousand banks fizzled amid the months following money markets crash of 1929. It is unreasonably oversimplified to see money markets crash as the single reason for the Great Depression. A sound economy can recoup from such a compression. Such riches amassed in the hands of a couple of breaking points monetary development.

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