Which Of The Following Statements About The Cap And Dividend Policy Is Not True?

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Which of the following statements about the cap and dividend policy is not true? A) The number of issued permits under the cap and dividend policy increases year to year. B) The cap and dividend policy sets a limit on total carbon emissions. C) The cap and dividend policy works by issuing limit permits. D) Carbon emissions will likely decrease over time as a result of a cap and dividend policy. E) Permits are issued to companies that emit carbon dioxide or supply it for burning.


Answer;A) The number of issued permits under the cap and dividend policy increases year to year.Explanation;-Cap and dividend is a market-based trading system which retains the original capping method of cap and trade, but also includes compensation for energy consumers.-It is a simple, fair, and built-to-last policy solution to reduce the carbon and other heat-trapping emissions now harming our climate while boosting the income of most American families. It caps fossil fuels, requires energy companies to purchase pollution permits at auction, and returns all the auction revenue in equal amounts to every US resident with a valid Social Security number.

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