Which Of The Following Usually Occurs With A Short Circuit?

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Which of the following usually occurs with a short circuit? a. All parts of the circuit will begin to carry higher amounts of current than normal. b. The material within a fuse may begin to melt when the current ceases to exist. c. All parts of the circuit will begin to carry lower amounts of current than normal. d. Most of the current will flow through one part of the circuit.


The correct answer is a. All parts of the circuit will begin to carry higher amounts of current than normal.Explanation:When two or more than two conductors of different phases touch each other in a power line, the part of the impedance is shunted out of the circuit due to which a large current flow in the un-faulted phases, such current is called the short circuit current. Short circuit current decreases the impedance in the circuit while the current in the circuit increases.

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