In The F2 Generation Of Mendel’S Crosses,

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In the f2 generation of mendel’s crosses, all plants had the dominant trait. half of the plants had the dominant allele. all plants had both the dominant and recessive alleles. one in four plants had two alleles for the recessive trait.


In the F2 generation of Mendel’s crosses, ONE IN FOUR PLANTS HAD TWO ALLELES FOR THE RECESSIVE TRAIT. In Mendel’s crosses, there are two types of generation; F1 and F2. The F1 generation refers to first filial generation that was obtained when the parents plants were cross pollinated. The F2 generation refers to the second filial generation that was obtained by self pollinating the F1 generation plants.In the F2 generation of Mendel crosses, only one in four plants had two alleles for the recessive trait.

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