What Is One Reason That Vascular Plants Are Larger Than Nonvascular Plants

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In which of the following environments are green algae not found? A.salt water B.freshwater C.moist areas on land D.dry areas on land Because bryophytes do not have vascular tissue, they A.obtain all their water from the surrounding air. B.have true roots, stems, and leaves. C.show alternation of generations. D.grow close to the ground. What is one reason that vascular plants are larger than nonvascular plants? A.Vascular plants live in areas where they can get more water than nonvascular plants can. B,Nonvascular plants cannot live in as many areas as vascular plants, so they stay small. C.Nonvascular plants do not reproduce as quickly as vascular plants do, so they do not grow as large. D.Vascular tissue carries water and nutrients much more efficiently than can be carried by diffusion.


1. The right answer is DGreen algae belong to species that are naturally part of the Breton marine ecosystem.For example, one of the green algae responsible for green tides is called ulva armoricana and is commonly known as sea lettuce because it looks like a big salad and is edible.This type of algae develops in suspension in seawater, in bays (sandy with gentle slope) where three physical and geographical conditions, favorable to their growth, are met:- shallow waters, because green algae need a lot of light;- waters rich in nitrogen and phosphorus;- waters calm enough to hold on the spot the algae and their nutrients.2. The right answer is DThe term bryophyte applies to the three branches of terrestrial plants that do not have a true vascular system. Strictly speaking, the current branching of Bryophyta only concerns mosses and Sphagnum in the strict botanical sense (with the exception of Hepaticophyta and Anthocerotophyta). Bryophytes at large are composed of 3 independent taxa, which are:(1) Marchantiophytes (hepatic);(2) Bryophytes (moss, sphagnum);(3) Anthocerotophytes (anthocerotes).3. The right answer is DVascular plants are plants with vessels allowing the circulation of water. This collection is of worldwide extension, it is particularly famous for the high number of specimens-types which it preserves (at least 300 000).Vascular plants are composed of stem, leaves and roots in which the water is drawn and then circulates in the stem and leaves, which allows them to reach large sizes.

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