When Kitchen Workers Are Preparing Food

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When kitchen workers are preparing food it is very important to mark any food that will be held for more than 24 hours. health inspectors want to see that no potentially hazardous (tcs) foods are kept more than ________?


Potentially hazardous foods should not kept for more than 7 days.Further Explanation:Time/temperature controls for safety (TCS) foods are type of foods which should be labelled at the time of preparation to avoid eating contaminated foods. TCS foods have suitable moisture, warmth and required nutrients necessary for bacterial growth so bacterial population can double in every twenty minutes. These type of foods have high carbohydrate and protein levels and it has slightly acidic or neutral condition which supports bacterial growth.Some of the common TCS foods are meat products, dairy products, cooked vegetables, protein-rich plants and other carbohydrate and protein rich foods. The temperature danger zone is between 41 to 135° F where the bacteria growth is high and its population becomes double in number. The time spent in the temperature danger zone of TCS foods should be minimized in order to ensure its safety for consumption. Therefore, when kitchen laborer prepares the food it is very necessary to demarcate any food that is going to be held for more than a day in order to check that no potentially hazardous (TCS) foods are kept more than seven days.Learn more:Learn more about carbohydrate tophomeworkanswers.com.com/question/6947177Learn more about cell tophomeworkanswers.com.com/question/1420458Learn more about blood tophomeworkanswers.com.com/question/1213217Answer Details:Grade: High schoolSubject: BiologyChapter: Food and healthKeywords:Time/temperature control for safety (TCS), bacterial population, acidic, temperature danger zone, potentially hazardous, carbohydrate, protein, vegetables, bacteria, population, food.

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