Which Of The Following Describes The Embryonic Period?

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Which of the following describes the embryonic period


There should be options for this question. I manged to find them elsewhere. They are:A) the period during which tremendous growth occurs and the organs continue to develop and become  functionalB) the period during which the umbilical cord developsC) the period during which the major organs and structures of the organism first developD) the period during which the zygote moves down to the uterus and begins to implant in the liningThe correct answer is C. The embryonic period is the period during which the major organs and structures of the organism first develop. The embryonic period lasts from implantation of the egg in the uterus until about 8 weeks from the time of conception. It is the second major stage of prenatal development, prior to embryonic is the germinal stage and lastly is the fetal stage.

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