Why Are Most Of Earth’S Deserts Located In The Subtropical Zone

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Why are most of Earth’s deserts located in the subtropical zone? A. These regions receive more sunlight than the equatorial region. B. These regions receive less sunlight than the equatorial region. C. These regions are very warm but less humid than other regions. D. These regions are very warm but more humid than other regions.


Answer:Option (C)Explanation:The subtropical regions are the regions that lie between the tropical and the temperate regions in both the hemisphere. Here, the temperature remains high throughout the year, but slightly less than the temperate of the tropical and the equatorial areas.Most of the deserts on earth lie in this zone. It favors maintaining a high temperature because of the absence or presence of very low humidity in this region. The air is very dry as a result of which it cannot form clouds, that are responsible for precipitation.The desert areas are generally characterized by the high temperature, dry wind or low moisture content and lack of rainfall.Thus, the correct answer is option (C).

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