During The Victorian Era Drinking Water In London Was

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During then Victorian era, drinking water in London was? A. Comtaminated B. filtered C. Scarce What is an antonym for earnest? A. Frivolous B. serious C. Sincere What does algernon find indecent about Mary Farquhar? A. She flirts openly with jack B. she flirts with her own husband at dinner C. She refuses to talk to algernon Why are there nocucumber sandwitches for lady bracknell? A. Algernon ate them all B. algernon forgot to tell lane to make them C. Lane could not find any cucumbers at the market even for ready money


1.) In the Victorian era, drinking water was very contaminated. The water was contaminated with raw sewage that would get into the drinking water. This made thousands of people catch diseases, such as cholera, and pass away. The correct answer is A. 2.) The antonym for the word earnest will be frivolous. An antonym is when the word is the complete opposite of another word. For example, pretty and ugly. The correct answer is A. 3.) Algernon finds that Mary Farquhar is indecent because she flirted with her own husband at dinner. Algernon did not want to sit beside of her in the first place because it was a common occurrence for her flirt with her own husband across the tables. In that era, it was not common to show feelings in front of others. The correct answer is B.4.) There were not any cucumber sandwiches for Lady Bracknell because Algernon had absentmindedly eaten the sandwiches while waiting for the guests to arrive. His butler told the guests there was not any cucumbers in the market that morning and was unable to make the sandwiches. The correct answer is A.

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