From The Passage, The Reader Can Conclude That Cecily

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Read the passage from The Importance of Being Earnest. Cecily. [Coming over very slowly.] But I don’t like German. It isn’t at all a becoming language. I know perfectly well that I look quite plain after my German lesson. Miss Prism. Child, you know how anxious your guardian is that you should improve yourself in every way. He laid particular stress on your German, as he was leaving for town yesterday. Indeed, he always lays stress on your German when he is leaving for town. Cecily. Dear Uncle Jack is so very serious! Sometimes he is so serious that I think he cannot be quite well. From the passage, the reader can conclude that Cecily plans on traveling abroad. wishes she were smarter. values looks over knowledge. wants to be more responsible.


values looks over knowledge.In the passage Cecily is talking to Miss Prism about her German lessons. It is clear that her guardian, Uncle Jack, wants her to learn German. We know that he travels, but we don’t know if Cecily will be traveling. This eliminates Option A. Cecily also never mentions that she wishes she were smarter. In fact, the thinks that serious people are not “quite well.” This tells us she probably doesn’t take her lessons seriously, thus eliminating option B. There is also no indication that she wishes to be responsible. She is not choosing a different subject’s lessons or chore over German which would indicate a little responsibility; however, there is none. When she says that German “isn’t at all a becoming language” and that she looks “quite plain after [her] German lesson”, tells us that she doesn’t see German as a popular and attractive language. This shows use that she values looks over knowledge.

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