In F. Scott Fitzgerald’S “Winter Dreams,” Which Type Of Character Is Judy Jones?

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In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “Winter Dreams,” which type of character is Judy Jones? (1) a static character that does not have any impact on the development of the dynamic characters (2) a dynamic character that undergoes a sudden change in fortune and is forced to mature (3) a static character whose beliefs and behaviors don’t change over the course of the story (4) a dynamic character whose beliefs and behavior undergo a gradual change in the story


The correct answer is C.Judy Jones is a static character because she does not undergo any sort of character development throughout the story.From the begining to the end of the story, she is shown as a very selfish, spoiled and superficial person. She believes that, because she is the most beautiful, she should be the heppiest person. For her, money and status are the only things that matter.When she finds out that Dexter is about to marry someone else, she immediately tells him to leave his girlfriend and go with her, only to lose interest in him after a month.Then, at the end of the story, she leaves Dexter and marry one of his friends.

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