Odysseus Is An Example Of A Dynamic Character Because

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Odysseus is an example of a dynamic character because


Answer: Odysseus is an example of a dynamic character because he changes throughout the course of the story.Odysseus is the hero of The Odyssey, and this epic describes his journey to go back home to his wife Penelope. He has many qualities. He is strong, kind, brave, but most importantly, he is very intelligent. His sharp mind is his distinguishing trait, and he uses it often in order to help him in his mission. However, one of Odysseus’ flaws is his pride and desire for glory. At the beginning of the epic, when he fights the Cyclops, his pride leads him to reveal his identity, complicating his mission. However, at the end, when he faces the suitors, he is able to maintain his identity hidden despite abuses and offenses. This shows that Odysseus has grown, and now can be more patient and moderate. Therefore, we can consider him a dynamic character.

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