What Makes This Poem A Blazon?

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Read the poem below and answer the question that follows. “Blazon” by Cecilia Woloch —after Breton My love with his hair of nightingales With his chest of pigeon flutter, of gray doves preening themselves at dawn With his shoulders of tender balconies half in shadow, half in sun My love with his long-boned thighs the map of Paris of my tongue With his ink-stained tongue, his tongue the tip of a steeple plunged into milky sky My love with his wishing teeth With his fingers of nervous whispering, his fingers of a boy whose toys were cheap and broken easily My love with his silent thumbs With his eyes of a window smudged of a train that passes in the night With his nape of an empty rain coat hung by the collar, sweetly bowed My love with his laughter of an empty stairwell, rain all afternoon With his mouth the deepest flower to which I have ever put my mouth Source: Woloch, Cecilia. “Blazon.” Blogalicious. Diane Lockward, 17 Jan. 2010. Web. 17 May 2011. What makes this poem a blazon? The poet uses rhyme and iambic pentameter. The poet compares her love to beautiful things in nature. The poem is written as a modern sonnet. The poem uses hyperbole and imagery.


The poem is a blazon because THE POET COMPARES HER LOVE TO BEAUTIFUL THINGS IN NATURE.In literature, the blazon refers to a poem that list series of physical attributes of a person or character. Most of the time, the character is usually a female. This type of poem was used freely during the Elizabethan period. This type of poem always compares the body parts of a subject to other things such as jewels, celestial body, natural phenomenon, etc.

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