Which Excerpt From “What The Black Man Wants” Best Summarizes The Speech?

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Which excerpt from “What the Black Man Wants” best summarizes the speech? I do not know, from what has been said, that there is any difference of opinion as to the duty of abolitionists, at the present moment. How can we get up any difference at this point, or at any point, where we are so united, so agreed? I am for the “immediate, unconditional, and universal” enfranchisement of the black man, in every State in the Union. Shall we at this moment justify the deprivation of the Negro of the right to vote, because some one else is deprived of that privilege?


Answer:Shall we at this moment justify the deprivation of the Negro of the right to vote, because someone else is deprived of that privilege?Explanation:Mr. Frederick Douglass demanded that administration’s activities require defending area, rights to cast a ballot, just as, national and collective fairness for dark Americans. “What the Black Man Wants” is the discourse given by Douglass in April 1865. It was exhibited before an Anti-Slavery Society alluded to as “Massachusetts Anti-SS”.

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