Your Level Of Energy Will Increase From Having _______.

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Your level of energy will increase from having _______. a. good sleep hygiene b. good exercise habits c. good eating habits d. all of the above


Answer:The correct answer is d. all of the aboveExplanation:Good sleep hygiene is very much important to relax the body and relieve the stress. A good sleep eliminates the harmful toxins from the body and brain. In sleep, our body requires less energy and it brings freshness in the body thereby it increases the energy level of the body.Exercise improves the energy level by improving the blood circulation and oxygen transport in the body. A person who does regular exercise becomes less tired while doing any physical work because he has more energy than a person who are not indulging in any physical activity.Food is the source of energy, therefore, good eating habits and proper balance diet improves the energy level in the body. Therefore the right answer is d.

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