After The Texans Revolted And Captured San Antonio In The 1830S,

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After the Texans revolted and captured San Antonio in the 1830s, ______. A.) Texas became part of independent Mexico. B.) Sam Houston was defeated at San Jacinto. C.) Santa Anna brought troops to take back the city. D.) Santa Anna was quickly defeated at the Alamo.


The correct answer is option d, that Santa Anna was quickly defeated at the Alamo.  Antonio Lopez De Santa Anna was the Mexican President at the time when the Texas revolution broke out in Mexico. Texas earlier was a part of Mexico, where land was so cheap that many Americans migrated to Texas. This revolution began because Tejanos ( Mexicans who lived in Texas) wanted to break away from Mexico on the issue of Slavery. Mexican laws opposed Slavery before the arrival of American, despite, Americans brought in slaves in Mexico. Therefore, the Tejanos and the Texans came together to fight for their freedom. For the suppression of the revolt president Santa Anna send an army to the fort of Alamo in San Antonio in 1836, but the army got defeat at the hand of the revolutionaries. After their victory in the revolt, they (Texans) formed the Republic of Texas.  

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