After Twenty Years Of Us Involvement In Vietnam, Many Americans Agreed With The Counterculture And

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After twenty years of US involvement in Vietnam, many Americans agreed with the counterculture and a.came to see the necessity for that involvement. b.worried about Communist aggression in Vietnam. c.still supported the war but questioned the fairness of the draft. d.began to question both the war and the fairness of the draft.


D. They began to question both the war and the draftWhen the draft for the Vietnam War came up, many people who had fought in World War ll or had grown up during that time totally agreed with the draft because they thought it was the patriotic thing to do. These people’s children began to realize that the situation in Vietnam was atrocious. They joined the counterculture and dodged the draft, advocated for peace, wanted all war to end. The young people of the 60’s and 70’s didn’t want to die. They wanted to go to college and enjoy their life.

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