Dictators Of States Use Terror And Violence To Control Their Populations.

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Dictators of ________states use terror and violence to control their populations


TotalitarianFurther Explanations:A totalitarian government can be defined as a form of government under the influence of a ruler or dictator in which citizens have very little or no rights or freedom. A totalitarian government possess the five following characteristics:i) It is ruled by a single partyii) The government have total control of militaryiii) Many restrictions are imposed on communications  iv) Terror is made a control tacticsv) Controlled economy policy is adoptedThough the characteristics of a totalitarian government is common for every sate but it doesn’t appeared the same in every state  The most well-known example the totalitarianism is Germany under the influence of Hitler. He assumed himself the supreme commander of Germany and took complete command of the authority both at the national and state level. He established concentrationcamps,where political, prisoner, jews, gypsies, and many others were brutally murdered. Hitler terrorized people in order to control them.Learn More  1. In which section of the declaration of independence is the purpose of government described? tophomeworkanswers.com.com/question/100210402. which best describes how the electoral college affects the executive branch? tophomeworkanswers.com.com/question/5336791Answer Details:Grade: High schoolSubject: US History  Chapter: Totalitarian GovernmentKeywords: totalitarian, government, freedom, totalitarianism, Hitler, Germany, national, state, concentration, camps, political prisoner, jews, gypsies.

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