During The D-Day Landings, Which Invading Forces Met The Greatest Resistance?

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During the d-day landings, which invading forces met the greatest resistance? The british at sword the germans at juno the americans at omaha the soviets at utah


During the D-day landings on June 6th 1944 in World War II, the invading force that met the greatest resistance was the Americans at Omaha beach.  The Omaha landing is known as “Bloody Omaha” as there were a large number of casualties during the battle, more than 2000 from both sides. When the Americans arrived at Omaha beach, they encountered great resistance by the Germans and also had several problems with flooded crafts and mined sand. Once the Germans were run out of ammunitions, the Americans could take control of the beach. Omaha beach is the most famous of all due the difficulties found and the number of casualties registered.  The rest of the invading allied forces did not have great difficulties in taking control of the Sword, Juno and Utah beach.

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