In Deciding On A Bicameral Legislature, The Framers Followed The Example Of _____.

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In deciding on a bicameral legislature, the framers followed the example of _____.


In deciding of the bicameral legislature, the framers followed the example of the British Parliament.Further Explanations:A bicameral legislature has representatives in two different assemblies or chambers. In bicameral legislature all the members cast their vote as one group Almost fifty percent of world’s national legislature are bicameral.The British Parliament is known as the Mother of Parliament as it performed as a model for other parliamentary system. Several other parliament are also created from it Acts. Several countries of Europe and commonwealth nations have opted the same legislative model of having large elected lower legislation and small upper legislation governed by the head of the state.United States legislature is also known as United States congress. Which consisted of House of Representative and the Senate .House of Representative consisted of 435 members who are responsible for interests of the citizens they represents, while Senate includes 100 member representing their states’ government interests  Learn more:1. Under the articles of confederation, if Virginia had ten thousand citizens and Delaware had five thousand citizens, how many votes would each state have in the legislature? In the United States, who elects the legislature? Details:Grade:High schoolSubject: US HistoryChapter: Bicameral LegislatureKeywords: bicameral, legislature, world’s, national, legislature, British, Mother Parliament, Europe, commonwealth, legislative model, United States congress, House of Representative, Senate

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