In Europe, The Biggest Hurdle To Economic Recovery After World War I Was The

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In europe, the biggest hurdle to economic recovery after world war i was the


The correct answer is A) damaged infrastructure.In Europe, the biggest hurdle to economic recovery after World War 1, was the damaged infrastructure.After World War 1, most of the European territory where the battles were fought were totally destroyed. The war had made so much damage to European cities and towns. During the Paris Peace Conference, Russia, the United States, France, and Britain, imposed reparations on Germany.  France resulted in the most damage and demanded reárations on Germany to cover reconstruction expenses. So yes, In Europe, the biggest hurdle to economic recovery after World War 1, was the damaged infrastructure.The other options of the question were B) lack of raw materials, C) reduced trade due to the destruction of shipping fleets, and D) loss of national and political leaders.

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