Place The Species In The Order In Which They Appeared On Earth.

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Place the species in the order in which they appeared on Earth First ___ Homo erectus Second ___Australopithecines Third ___Homo habilis Fourth ____ Neanderthals Fifth ____ Homo sapiens


The order of appearance on Earth is:First ___ Australopithecines  Second ___Homo habilisThird ___ Homo erectus  Fourth ____ Neanderthals  Fifth ____ Homo sapiensAustralopithecines appeared on Earth about 5.6 million years ago and lived there until about 1.2 million years ago.  Homo habilis appeared on Earth about 2.4 million years ago and lived in Africa until about 1.6 million years ago.  Homo Erectus appeared on Earth about 2 million years ago and lived in Africa and Asia about 70,000 years ago.  Homo Neanderthalensis appeared on Earth about 230,000 ago and lived in Europe and Asia until about 40,000 years ago.  Homo Sapiens appeared on Earth about 200,000 years ago and still live on Earth.  

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