Regulations Created And Enforced By Federal Regulatory Agencies Are Examples Of

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Regulations created and enforced by federal regulatory agencies are examples of labor laws. antitrust laws. securities laws. administrative laws.


Regulations created and enforced by federal regulatory agencies are examples of administrative laws.Further Explanation:Administrative law is the legal structure within which “public administration” is carried out. It is a branch of law that governs the operation and making of administrative agencies. Administrative laws are an arm of “public law” and are also known as ‘regulatory laws’.Administrative laws involve the regulation and administration of state and federal government agencies. These agencies are supposed to regulate and manage numerous social issues and economic functions, from “Wall Street practices” to “social discrimination”.In the past few years, “government agencies” have gradually grown in importance and number in the United States. These agencies affect various social issues and economic functions, such as the financial market, racial discrimination, and telecommunications. Examples of agencies are as follows:1. Federal Communications Commission (FCC)2. Department of Labor (DOL)3. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)Learn More:While the lead architect of the new St. Peter’s project, what was Michelangelo’s design contribution to the project? the outcomes of the Schenck and New York Times differed, what did these decisions have in common? The government has a heavy burden to prove harm. The government can limit speech that causes harm. The government has unlimited power to limit speech. The government must follow the first amendment. Details:Grade: College  Chapter: Administrative LawSubject: HistoryKeywords: administrative law, public administration, public law, regulatory law, federal government agencies, social discrimination

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