The Disastrous Effects Of World War I And The Great Depression

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1. The disastrous effects of world war 1 and the great depression led to? a. to the rise of totalitarism regimes in some countries. b. to strong democracies taking shape throughtout Europe c. totalitarian regimes to die out worldwide d people thought out the world to feel more hopeful bout the future 2 what policy did Great Britain, France, and the united states pursue against the new regimes in Germany, Italy and Japan in the 1930s? a fascism b appeasement c Anschluss d Lebensraum 3. during the mid 1930s, Prsident Roosevelt realized that most americans a. opposed US intervention int he problems of Europe b. were eager for US to solve Europe’s problems c. were more concerned with the war than with US domestic affairs d. supported the aims of axis powers.


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