The Housing And Urban Development Act Of 1965 And The Fair Housing Act Of 1968 Were Both Aimed At

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The housing and urban development act of 1965 and the fair housing act of 1968 were both aimed at what?


Answer:The Housing and Urban Development Act of 1965 and the Fair Housing Act of 1968 were both aimed at improving and protecting the housing rights of certain groups of people. and their lifestyles conditions.Explanation:These acts were aimed at helping groups of people such as the elderly, the disabled, low-income families and people discriminated against for their race, sex, skin color, nationality or religion. The Housing and Urban Act of 1965 promoted the expansion of housing programs including rent subsidies, housing rehabilitation and grants aimed at constructing water sewer facilities and urban improvement in general. The Fair Housing Act of 1968, as its name suggests, was aimed at making the buying, renting or selling of a house “fair” and equal to everyone. It prohibited discrimination based on any of the aspects listed above.

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