The Neutrality Acts 1936 1939 Held That The United States

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HELP ASAP I WILL UPVOTE The Neutrality Acts (1936-1939) held that the United States A) would stay out of World War I. B) would try to prevent a war in Europe. C) would stay out of European discussions to contain Hitler. D) would not sell war material nor give loans to any nation at war.


The Neutrality Acts (1936-1939) held that the United States would not sell war material nor give loans to any nation at war. This implies the correct answer is DThe congress of the United States enacted series of laws also known as Neutrality acts in the 1930s. The neutrality acts prevent the United States from taking part in foreign conflicts. The acts were also passed to addresses some of the threats and wars that resulted in the Second World War.Further ExplanationThe introduction of the Neutrality act of 1935 made it illegal for anyone to trade arms or any materials with parties that were involved in the War. The act also admonished the American people not to travel on battleships and further declared that the United States would not be responsible if any of its citizen’s travel on warring ships and become a victim of the Second World War.The Neutrality act of 1935 was meant to be in operation for six months after it was passed and to ensure the law was applied to the latter, the state department created an office that was compelled to ensure the enforcement of the various provisions of the law.The Neutrality act of 1936 was introduced by congress to extend the provisions of the Neutrality act of 1935.The Neutrality act of 1937 prohibits anyone from trading arms with Spain while the Neutrality act of 1939 allowed the trading of arms with France and Great Britain.LEARN MORE:The Neutrality Acts 1936 to 1939 held that the United States Neutrality Acts (1936-1939) held that the United States war Iunited statesloansneutrality acts1930s

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