What Challenges Does South Africa Face Today As A Democracy? Check All That Apply.

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What challenges does South Africa face today as a democracy? Check all that apply. high poverty and high unemployment rates rigid division between whites and non-whites unequal access to tranggortation and technology lack of representation for non-whites in government need for the creation of a Bill of Rights for all citizens


Answer:high poverty and high unemployment ratesrigid division between whites and non-whitesExplanation:According to the text of the Constitution, South Africa is a country with a democratic regime: the fundamental rights and freedoms of man and citizen are proclaimed, a democratic institutional design is declared, a system of checks and balances of power is introduced.But the biggest challenge is to tackle extremely complex economic issues.As for the land issue, the government has not yet begun the expropriation of land, but says it will amend the constitution in order to allow expropriation without compensation.The government claims that this is necessary to overcome the consequences of the forced eviction of black farmers during the reign of a white minority in the country.After apartheid, the quality of life of white South African citizens has become much higher than the quality of life of their fellow black people.

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