Which Characteristic Was Not A Reason That The Industrial Revolution Began In England

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1. Which characteristic was not a reason that the industrial Revolution began in England? A. many available laborers B. numerous rivers C. strong banking system D. mostly urban population 2. Which innovation led to an increase in cloth production at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution? A. electric sewing machine B. Bessemer process C. steam engine D. spinning jenny 3. Which was not a source of energy introduced during the late 1800’s? A. solar power B. gasoline C. kerosene D. electricity 4. Which is not an example of the human cost of industrialization? A. violence over religious beliefs B. factory injuries C. overcrowded cities D. child labor 5. Which did not prompt European imperialism in the late nineteenth century? A. need for raw materials B. decline in worldwide trade C. zeal for missionary work D. promises of prosperity 6. Which was not used to justify European imperialism in the late nineteenth century? A. democratic reform B. a belief in European superiority C. social Darwinism D. a new wave of nationalism 7. Which was an impact of European imperialism on the people of Africa? A. an end to tribal conflict B. greater self-rule C. expansion of slavery D. loss of natural resources 8. Which led the British government to shut down the East India Company and rule India directly? A. the Sepoy Mutiny B. the Opium Wars C. the Anglo-Boer War D. the Taiping Rebellion 9. How did Britain seek to correct its balance of trade with China? A. selling opium B. purchasing more tea C. closing all British ports to Chinese traders D. trading only for silver 10. Which was a goal of Sun Yat-sen in calling for revolution in China? A. creating a new imperial dynasty B. controlling Hong Kong C. driving out foreigners D. creating economic security 11. Which was an argument for Japanese imperial expansion? A. problems with European-style education B. the need to maintain japan’s federal system C. the need to modernize D. the benefits of isolation


1. C. strong banking systemThe industrial revolution intially caused by a Scientific development and a massive surplus in workers and natural resources.Strong banking system only needed after many people in society implemented the technology in industrial revolution and seek capital injection for their bueinsses, not during the early stage.2. D. Spinning JennySpinning jenny is the invention in the sewing machine that allows average companies to increse its producitivity up to 8 times more.  Because of this development, European countries receive massive demands in clothing, Even until today, The Europeans still dominated the fashion market in the world.3. A. Solar Power The solar power actually introduced in 1839, so it’s around mid-1800s. This solar power was first introduced by an inventor named Alexandre Edmond Becquerel. He found out that putting light on an electrode submerged with a conductive component could produce electric current that can be used as a source of energy.4. A.  violence over religious beliefsThe damage that Industrialization created mostly revolve around workplace accidents, social stratification, and unfair treatments to people that belong in bottom social class. Violence over religious beliefs tend to be derived by difference in moral code/principles rather than industrialization.5. B.  decline in worldwide tradeActually, Imperialism was driven by an increase in worldwide trade. The increase caused european nations to became motivated in seeking cheaper resources and new emerging market. This is why they occupied weaker countries, so they can acquire their resources and used their people as target customers.6. A. democratic reformDemocratic reform was initiated to give the power to govern a nation to the hands of its people. Imperialism wanted to transfer the power to govern into the hands of a select few. Because of this, democratic reform and imperialism could never work along side one another.7. C.  loss of natural resources During European imperialism, the people of Africa were forced to sell their natural resoruces at extremely low price. Overtime, this cause a loss of natural resources in that continent. Since the natural resources were exchange with very little amount of money, the standard of living of the people in those African nations were not improved.8. A. the Sepoy MutinyThe sepoy mutini was initiated by Indian troops and collection of supporters who wanted to break free from the British’ colonization. Even though the mutiny ended up in failure, the british government became extremely cautious and chose to directly rule india for easier millitary mobilization.9. A. selling opium Opium is a highly addicting drugs and at that time the people of china did not produce many of this products.The British obtain a large consumers base in China due to this fact. Since the opium made large portion of chinese population became unproductive, this action created  a huge conflict between the British and Chinese government.10. B. controlling Hong KongAt that time, Hong Kong was controlled by Japanese and British army who fought over the area due to the strategic location it provided for international trading. Sun Yat-sen aware of this benefit, which is why he intended to start a revolution and regain the control of Hong Kong.11. C.  the need to modernize Despite having many high skilled labors, japanese territory do not contain many natural resources to support their production. For modernization to happen, Japan realized that they need both skilled labors and certain type of rare natural resources (such as metal) Because of this, Japanese empire initiated an imperial expansion to obtain the natural resources from other countries in Asia.

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