Which Of The Following Individuals Can Become A Naturalized Citizen?

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Which of the following individuals can become a naturalized citizen? A. Anyone born inside the United States B. Anyone born outside the United States to parents who are both citizens of the United States C. Anyone born outside the United States to parents who aren’t citizens of the United States D. Anyone born in a United States possession, as long as one parent is a citizen of the United States


The correct answer is C)Anyone born outside the United States to parents who aren’t citizens citizens of the United States. Naturalization is a process in which an individual applies for citizenship for a certain country. This system varies by country and can include several different requirements such as passing an exam, living in a country for so many years, etc. This process allows individuals who were born elsewhere to become citizens of the US. Citizenship is important because it guarantees the rights of individuals within a particular country.

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