Which Of The Following Is A Common Argument Against The U.S. Decision To Drop The Atomic Bomb?

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Which of the following is a common argument against the U.S. decision to drop the atomic bomb? A. The study of the effect of atomic weapons allowed nuclear power to be used as energy. B. The use of the atomic bomb avoided additional loss of life for the Allies. C. The Japanese were more willing to surrender than the U.S. military thought. D. The dropping of the atomic bomb would act as a deterrent to future wars.


Answer:The correct answer is B. The use of atomic avoided additional loss of life for the allies. Explanation:The common argument provided against the U.S decision to drop the bomb was the it would help the number of American lives being taken. The Japanese were not willing to back off from the war, and they were adamant to fight. The Americans wanted to showcase the same type of brutality towards the Japanese which they had shown towards the world.

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