Which Of These Resulted From Gorbachev’S Perestroika Policies? Check All That Apply.

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Which of these resulted from Gorbachev’s perestroika policies? Check all that apply. freedom of the press opening of the Soviet archives end of one-party politics reduced government control of the economy imported culture from the West


Answer:reduced government control of the economyExplanation:The Perestroika was a series of political and economic reforms applied by Gorbachev on the Soviet Union. Gorbachev belief that the economic system of the Soviet Union was inefficient and needed reform. The Perestroika loosened the control of the government of the economy, some farmers and manufacturers were able to decide which products they would make and how to produce and the prices. Also, co-operative businesses were allowed for the first time since 1922. Another point was that some trade restrictions were lifted. Those reforms backfired because people were seeking profit since the government did not control the prices anymore, this caused higher prices to hit the market and many Soviets could not afford it. The government needed to spend more and debt grew rapidly, inflation was also another result.

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