Which Statement Best Describes The Significance Of The Magna Carta

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Which statement best describes the significance of the Magna Carta? A.It limited the rights of individuals in order to stop abuses of the justice system. B.It set limits on the power of the British monarchy. C.It gave the king legal power to stop the abuses of the corrupt barons. D.It stripped all powers over the courts from the king and gave them to Parliament.


Answer:B. It set limits on the power of the British monarchy.Explanation:The Magna Carta (1215) was a charter of rights written by a group of Barons of England that were tired of King John’s tyrannic rule. The charter established a more powerful parliament, granted some liberties of free men such as the right to a trial by jury before punishment and reduced the power of King John, whose rule was perceived as abusive especially toward people and in his imposition of high levies, even in the absence of war. Its significance lies in the fact that it set limits on the power of the British monarchy by making the King subject to the law, meaning that from that point on, the British crown had to be accountable for their actions under the law, just like everyone else.

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