Which Step Is Included In The Construction Of Perpendicular Lines Using A Point On The Line?

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Which step is included in the construction of perpendicular lines using a point on the line? Make arcs above and below the given line with a compass. Create two arcs above the given line with a straightedge. Connect two created arcs together with a compass. Measure the constructed angles with a straightedge.


Answer:Mark arcs above and below the given line with a compass.Explanation:The correct answer is option A.When we are given a line and we have to draw a perpendicular on it, we put the compass on the point and draw two arcs, one above the line and one below the line.Then we make another pair of arcs crossing the previous made arcs, from another end point of the line.Lastly, we join these arcs using a ruler. This new line is the perpendicular.

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