According To The Preamble Who Ordains And Establishes The Constitution

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According to the Preamble, who “ordains and establishes” the Constitution? the Congress the people the President


According to the Preamble, the people “ordains and establishes” the Constitution for USA.Explanation:As per the Preamble of the US constitution, “We the People of the United States,  in order to form a more perfect Union,  establish Justice, ensure domestic  establish Justice, ensure domestic  tranquility, provide for the common defence,  promote the general Welfare, and secure  the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves  and our Posterity, do ordain and  establish this Constitution for the  United States of America”.In the last days of the Constituent Assembly, the preamble was submitted to the Constitution, the Style Committee wrote its final draft, and Gov. Neil Morris led the effort. This had not been proposed or discussed in advance of the conference floor.Ordain:To establish or enact by law, edict, etc. For example, to ordain new form of government.To decree or give orders. Example, “She ordained that the limitations will be lifted.”Establish:To set up something permanentlyTo appoint, enact or ordain for stability, as a law

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