Connie Is Homeless. Which Of Maslow’S Needs Will Be Her Primary Focus?

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Connie is homeless. Which of maslow’s needs will be her primary focus?


Answer:Need for security.Explanation:Maslow’s famous hierarchy of needs, proposed by American psychologist Abraham H. Maslow, is based on the idea that every human being strives hard to meet his or her personal and professional needs. According to this theory, each individual has to perform a hierarchical “escalation” of needs to achieve their full self-realization.Maslow’s needs are: physiological need, need for security, social need, need for esteem and need for self-fulfillment.Homeless people, such as Connie, fit into the need for security stage, which is those who are tied to the need to feel safe and secure without danger, in order, safely, such as housing, stable employment, health insurance, life insurance etc.

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