On Roads With Lane Signals, What Does A Yellow X Mean?

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On roads with lane signals, what does a yellow X mean? A. The lane you’re in is about to close or change directions. B. The lane you’re in is closed or is being used for oncoming traffic. C. You’re driving in the right direction, but you should slow down. D. Yield ko vehicles changing lanes in front of you.


Answer:The lane signal yellow X means A. the lane is about to close or change directions.Explanation:Overhead signals on highways provide motorists with information regarding the road to allow free flow of traffic. They are often found on highways and can be seen with clarity from a distance. Popular lane-use controls signals are red or yellow cross either flashing or not flashing. There can also be arrows as well.  Lane-use controls can be found on highways with or without reversible lanes and sometimes on freeways. Examples include road signals closed due to construction or accidents, parking garage, and toll-plazas.

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