You Are Driving In Traffic On A Road With Two Or More Lanes In Each Direction. You Should

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You are driving in traffic on a road with two or more lanes in each direction. You should A: Avoid driving in someone else’s blind spot. Speed up or drop back so the other driver can see you. B: Always drive a little slower than the speed limit, to make sure you never get a speeding ticket. C: Drive beside or just behind another vehicle, in their “draft”, to improve your gas mileage.


The answer would the A.It is best to go with traffic and not tail-gate someone, but not be too under the limit so that other vehicles would not be attempting to get ahead of you, for it can be dangerous.- Speeding tickets are, for the most part, not handed out when yo hate going with the rest of traffic, so long you are not speeding past other vehicles, weaving, etc. To make this simpler: Speed limit – 5 above. Going UNDER the speed limit does nothing for you except ensure people in vehicles to be angry at you.

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