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Please show your work, I have no idea how to do this 9. Solve the exponential equation 1/16 = 64^(4x-3) 11. Solve ln(5x + 7) = 8. Round to the nearest thousandth. 12. Use natural logarithms to solve the equation. Round to the nearest thousandth. 5e^(2x+11) = 30 (that “e” is not a variable btw. It’s e as in 2.71828…. I just wanted to make sure there was no confusion)


Answer:Step-by-step explanation:9) Let’s rewrite it as the same base. Notice that negative exponent is equal to the reciprocal number raised to its power, id est:Solving11) In this case, we can rewrite for the sake of clarity, and let the “e” exposed:12) For this one, we’ll use a logarithm property that says that when we have a logarithm whose argument value is equal to the base and this argument is raised to some exponent, than the answer is the exponent of it.Solving it:

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