Consider The Function Given By The Graph. What Are These Values? F(–2 ) = F(0) = F(4) =

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Consider the function given by the graph. What are these values? f(–2 ) =__ f(0) = __ f(4) = __


Answer:f(-2 ) =2f(0) = 3f(4) = -1Step-by-step explanation:Clearly by looking at the graph of the given function f(x) we could observe that the function f(x) is increasing in the interval (-∞,0] and then decreasing in the interval (0,∞).Also, the function is discontinuous at x=0.( Since, there is a break in a graph and also the left and right hand limit of the function are not equal at x=0)Hence, from the graph we could directly say that:                  f(-2 ) =2                  f(0) = 3                   f(4) = -1

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