How Tall Is 54 Inches

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How tall would I be if i were 54 inches How tall would I be if i were 58 inches? How tall would i be if Iwere 59 inches?


So the question is how tall would a person be in three cases, 54 inches, 58 inches and 59 inches. Since the height measure are feet and inches and one feet has 12 inches, this is the first case: 54 inches = 4*12 inches + 6 inches = 4 feet and 6 inches = 4’6”. Second case: 58 inches= 4*12 + 10 inches= 4 feet and 10 inches = 4’10” and third case: 59 inches= 4*12 inches + 11 inches= 4 feet and 11 inches = 4’11”.

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