In Parallelogram Lmno, Mp = 21 M, Lp = (Y + 3) M, Np = (3Y – 1) M, And Op = (2X – 1) M.

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In parallelogram LMNO, MP = 21 m, LP = (y + 3) m, NP = (3y – 1) m, and OP = (2x – 1) m. What are the values of x and y? x = 10, y = 1 x = 10, y = 2 x = 11, y = 1 x = 11, y = 2


Refer to the attached image.Consider the given parallelogram LMNO,Since, in a parallelogram diagonals bisect each other.So, LP = PNSubstituting the given values, we getSo, y = 2Also, OP = PM2x = 22x = 11So, x = 11 and y =2So, Option 4 is the correct answer.

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