In The Diagram, Sr = And Qr = . What Is The Perimeter Of Parallelogram Pqrs?

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In the diagram, SR = and QR = . What is the perimeter of parallelogram PQRS? A. √10 units B. 8√2 + 2√10 units C. 16√2 units D. 8√2 + 8 units


Answer:B. unitsStep-by-step explanation:We are given that a parallelogram PQRS in which point P(-2,5), Q(2,1),R(1,-2) and S(-3,2).We have to find the perimeter of parallelogram PQRS.Distance formula : Using the formula units Now, the perimeter of parallelogram =2(SR+QR)The perimeter of parallelogram =Answer:B. units

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