In The Diagram, Wz = . The Perimeter Of Parallelogram Wxyz Is + Units.

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In the diagram, WZ = . The perimeter of parallelogram WXYZ is + units


Answer:WZ = √26 and WXYZ = 8+2√26Step-by-step explanation:We can see from the diagram that WZ goes from (-2, 4) to (-3, -1).  Using the distance formula, we haveSince WZ and XY are the same length, then these two sides together give us a length of√26+√26 = 2√26.Since WX is a horizontal segment, we find the distance of the segment by finding the distance between the x-coordinates:2–2 = 4WX and ZY are the same length, so this gives us4+4 = 8This makes the total perimeter 8 + 2√26 units.

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