One Hundred Students Were Surveyed About Whether

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One hundred students were surveyed about whether they prefer Snapchat or Instagram. out of the 50 boys surveyed there were 40 boys who preferred Instagram. out of the 50 there were 30 girls who preferred snapchat. Assuming that all students have a preference how many girls preferred Instagram?


Answer: There are 20 girls who preferred insta.Step-by-step explanation:Since we have given that Total number of students who were surveyed = 100Number of boys who preferred insta among 50 boys = 40Number of girls who preferred snpchat among 50 girls = 30We need to find the number of girls who preferred insta.So, Number of girls who preferred insta = Total number of girls – Number of girls who preferred snpchat.Hence, there are 20 girls who preferred insta.

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