Over The First Five Years Of Owning A Car

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Over the first five years of owning her car, Gina drove about 12,700 miles the first year, 15,478 miles the second year, 12,765 the third year, 11,850 the fourth year, and 13,075 the fifth year. a. Find the mean, median, and mode of this data. b. Explain which measure of central tendency will best predict how many miles Gina will drive in the sixth year


Answer:The correct answer is a) Mean =13173.6; median is 12765 no mode ; The median is the best choice because it is not skewed by the high outlier.Step-by-step explanation:Step 1Arrange the data starting from the smallest to the biggest value. The arranged values are listed here as 11850, 12700,12765,13075,15478.Step 2 Read the median and determine the mode in this data set.The median is the value in the center which is 12765. Since every value only appears once, there is no mode for this data set.Step 3Calculate the mean of this data set. The mean is calculated by adding up all the values and dividing by the number of distance data available. In this case the data has 5 values, we will divide by 5. This calculation is shown below,The mean for the data set is 13173.6Step 4The best measure of central tendency for this data is the median because it is not skewed by the high outlier.  The mean is bigger than 4 of the data points and is skewed by the biggest distance.

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