Simplify: (2X – 4) – (6X + 6)

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Simplify: (2x – 4) – (6x + 6)


(2x – 4) – (6x + 6) = -2( 2x + 5 )Further explanationOrder of Operations in Mathematics follow this following rule :ParenthesesExponentsMultiplication and DivisionAddition and SubtractionThis rule is known as the PEMDAS method.Let us tackle the problem! ⇒ open parenthesis ⇒ rearrange term ⇒ factorize Another Example : ⇒ open parenthesis ⇒ rearrange term ⇒ factorize Learn moreInfinite Number of Solutions : of Equations : of Linear equations : detailsGrade: High SchoolSubject: MathematicsChapter: Linear EquationsKeywords: Linear , Equations , 1 , Variable , Line , Gradient , Point

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