Simplify The Sum 7/A+8 + 7/A^2-64

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Simplify the sum. 7/a+8 + 7/a^2-64


The equation given in the question is7/(a + 8) + 7/(a^2 – 64 = 7/(a + 8) + 7/(a + 8)(a – 8)                                    = [7(a – 8)] + 7/[(a + 8)(a – 8)]                                    = [7a – 56 + 7]/(a + 8)(a – 8)                                    = (7a – 49)/(a + 8)(a – 8)                                    = 7(a – 7)/(a + 8)(a – 8)I hope the procedure of simplification is absolutely clear to you and this is the answer that you were looking for and the answer has actually come to your desired help. 

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